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Women’s Fellowship Meeting – September 16 at 4:45 p.m. 

We meet in the Main Building in Room 203 Joy Sunday School Class.
Women of ALL ages are welcome!!
Through September 9th, we will be accepting donations of peanut butter crackers, mints, and hard candy for cancer patients.
Please leave your donations in the bucket by the church office.  Thanks!!!

Women’s Fellowship — Chemo Care Kit for Kids

This is an “ongoing” project.  Here is a list of suggested supplies to fill your kit bag.  


  • For each kit include: five Items to Help with Side Effects plus   one activity and/or comfort item.
  • Buy travel-sized items.
  • Plan to budget approximately $1 for each item. The comfort and activity items seem to range in price from $3-$5. Most kits put   together cost $8-$12.
  • Focus each kit for a specific group (age range and gender: boy, girl, or either.)
  • Make sure all the items in each kit are age appropriate for the same age range. (For example: cozy size 1 Spiderman slippers would be a mismatch with a nail care kit.)
  • Depending on what you include in your kit—you can use 1 or 2 1/2 gallon zip lock bags to store your items.


Items to Help with Side Effects (include 5 or more of the following)


Fragrance-free lotion

Two sets of plastic utensils (highly recommended)

Hand sanitizer (for family members to use)

Lip balm

Antibacterial hand wipes


Comfort Items (include 1 of the following)

Soft socks, slippers, or hat

Washable, cuddly item

Blanket or pillow case


Activity Items (include 1 of the following)

Coloring book and crayons or colored pencils

Simple craft

Small toys

Nail care kit (for teenage girls)

Fun, twisty straws

Activity or joke book

Stickers and notebook

Travel-sized games, card games, or puzzles