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Catoma children's ministry

Children's Ministry Team Meeting
Sunday /September 10th / 4:30PM
Sunday / September 17th
Kids 3 Years thru Grade 6
We will serve the kids lunch after Morning Worship in the CAC then leave to go to Rockin' Jump! 
Returning around 3:00PM
Children's Choir Rehearsal Schedule
Starts back on Sunday, September 10th @ 5:30
September Children's Church Worker
3rd - Tammy Wright & Stephanie Denham
10th - Paige Hill & Jimmy Foley
17th- Wynette Muschara & Kim Foley
24th- Tammy Wright & Kimberly Bethea
September TeamKid Bus/Van Drivers
6th- Jennifer Dixon & Wynette Muschara(PU Van)
Jennifer Dixon/Tammy Wright(TH Van)
13th -  Michelle Myers & Tammy Wright(PU Van)
                  Wynette Muschara  & Jimmy Foley(TH Van)
20th - - Michelle Myers / Jimmy Foley(PU Van)
             Jimmy  Foley/Tammy Wright (TH Van)
27th -  Michelle Myers & Jimmy Foley ( PU Van)
Wynette Muschara & Jimmy Foley (PU Van)



Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

TeamKid -

Ages 3 years old through 6th grade.  We meet in the Christian Activity Center.




Children's Church 

Parents, we ask that you bring your children to the Worship Service with you. 
At the appropriate time, we will dismiss our 3 year olds - 2nd graders for their time in Children's Church. 
We encourage our 3rd - 6th graders to remain in the Worship Service.
Evening Services
 Come join us for Children's Activities!!!!
Light snack served. 
Led by  Wynette Muschara, Tammy Wright


You will want to join us for the following - 

Vacation Bible School

Visiting our shut ins in our neighborhood

Fall Festivals

Summer Camp


As well as other various activities throughout the year!